Engelse Adventviering


Brothers and Sisters,

Can people celebrate X-mas when they do not believe in the birth of Christ? Is X-mas an exclusive feast or are there enough pagan elements, the tree, the presents and Father Christmas to make it something anyone can celebrate? When a Jewish friend asked me this question I answered the last.
The Christmas story starts with Joseph and Maria leaving for the town of David, Bethlehem.
Beth-lehem means literally beth=house of lehem=bread. Probably this has to do with the very fertile fields around the village. This little quite unimportant city will become the birthplace of the Messiah. The child that is born on Christmas night will change the lives of men and bring His people back to God.
The Messiah will bring peace to earth, but it will be another peace than expected. A feisty King of the Jews should be born in Jerusalem. This humble king will throw a new light on the world, give a new beginning.

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